Lighting and Illumination

Super-Bright LEDs in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm sizes. Perfect for almost every illumination application. Colors available are: Red, Orange, Amber, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple/UV, Cool White, Warm White and even Infrared.

Project LEDs in 3 and 5mm sizes. These LEDs are ideal for panel illumination, indicators on PC boards, or any application where the user has to look directly at the light.

Grain of Wheat bulbs. These 4mm incandescent lamps are ideal for applications where LEDs are just not feasible. The warm glow of an incandescent bulb may be nostalgic or perhaps just practical for the application. In any case, we have them!

Jason’s Beacon – a kit for the electronics enthusiast.
This beacon has 10 panels, each donning 8 LEDs. (You choose the color) These panels are mounted vertically and connected to a controller board inside. From there the controller will illuminate each panel, one at a time in a circular fashion. At slow speeds, it imitates a lighthouse on the shore of a rocky beach. At faster speeds it imitates a rotating beacon used on slot machines or police cars. Even faster, it will please a disco or rave with its intense flashing cycle.
(Assembly is required for this product.)