DC Accessory Power Distribution

The DC Accessory Power Distribution boards are designed to ease the pressure from model railroaders who have more than just a couple of switch machines on their layout. The purpose of these boards is to not only provide the layout with a power supply that’s separate from the track and throttle controls. It also offers easy access with a series of terminals suitable for AWG #18 wire and smaller, which will power your switches, lights, controls and any other electronic devices along the table.

Standard Fused Distribution Board

the Standard Fused Distribution Board has very few restrictions. If you want to use 28v AC and power your board with it, that’s fine. The fuse will blow when you exceed 2 amps for a while but aside from that, there are no real restrictions. I strongly suggest that you use a regulated power source like the ones I sell to complement the distribution boards in order to maintain a smoke-free atmosphere around your electronics and motors.

Switched Fused Distribution Board with Fault Indicator

The Switched Fused Distribution Board is designed to allow the user to disable power at the board. It also has an green indicator lamp for power and red when there is a fault. (Fuse blown) This is especially handy when you have to mount your distribution board in a location that is not easily accessible. Rather than climbing into a tight location with your multimeter and flashlight, you can just look to see if you have a red Fault indicator to tell you that the fuse is blown.

Switched Fused Distribution Board during Fault Indication

This board has a few more restrictions. The prime restriction is that the polarity must be Tip Positive on the input and no more than 15 volts DC for the indicators to function. Reversing polarity or exceeding 15 volts will damage and destroy the indicators. This board however is designed to handle more amperage than the above-mentioned board, up to 6 amps. It is also designed with a top-screw terminal to jumper to the daisy-chain board for more items. Of course a larger power supply will be needed to exceed the 1 or 2 amps provided by the power supplies I have listed here.

Daisy-Chain Distribution Board. (Unfused)

The Daisy-chain board is available for expansion from the previous two boards only. It is not recommended to use this board without a fuse between it and the power source.

Power Supplies available in 2 sizes

Currently I offer two power supplies. Both are 12v DC with a tip positive DC power jack. The smaller one provides up to 1 amp while the larger one provides up to 2 amps.

Applications for these products are not limited to model railroading. Perhaps you are wiring your marine equipment. Perhaps you are connecting several low-power devices in your shed or garage. This product is quite versatile for the low voltage DC power applications.
If you have any questions or would just like some ideas for a solution to your power management issues, please feel free to open a ticket and let’s get it powered up!